Promoting the mobility transformation with the AMS leasing concept.
AMS is a lessor or provider for other leasing providers.


AMS is a leasing company that cooperates with other lessors in the area of car leasing (“double-deck leasing”) in order to promote the mobility change with new leasing concepts. We advise you in questions concerning company mobility and salary conversion or motivation leasing. The contract solution we have developed for cars, bicycles, e-bikes as well as IT equipment including tablets and smartphones simplifies motivation leasing because we divide the rights and obligations of a lessee between employer and employee.

Mobilitätslösungen AMS Gruppe, Konzept AMS


Mobility needs in companies go beyond the provision of company cars. We have developed mobility solutions that meet a wide range of requirements.

Our mobility budget concept combines the car with the bicycle or e-bike and other means of transport. Free choice promotes sustainable mobility behavior.

The mobility budget is a key to mobility change.



If the employer leases cars, bicycles or e-bikes or IT equipment including smartphones for the employee, this is assessed more favorably for tax purposes than a salary payment. This is why motivational leasing – with or without salary conversion – is generally advantageous.

If the leasing installments are deducted from the gross salary, the employee’s tax burden decreases, so that his real income increases. At the same time, the “employer brand” is strengthened. After all, motivational leasing is also a sign of appreciation.

This is why motivational leasing is an important instrument for employee retention.

Finanzleasing, Finanzierungsleasing


We offer you several forms of contract for financing your capital goods: Leasing with right of tender or with settlement of the sales proceeds – and leasing as installment plan.

In leasing, the usability of the financed objects is taken into account to a greater extent than with a conventional loan. This increases the volume of investment that you can finance with leasing.

Leasing facilitates the financing of capital goods.


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Do you want to put your company car regulations to the test? Do you want to promote mobility change through a new mobility culture? Do you want to use tax advantages to strengthen employee loyalty? Do you want to increase the real income of your employees in a cost-neutral way? Then you should talk to us. We can do more than finance.