Take advantage of tax benefits and promote a sustainable mobility culture with motivational leasing.

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Company or company car for all employees? With salary conversion and our “Job-Car” leasing concept, that’s no problem. The employer deducts the leasing installments paid to AMS from the employee’s gross salary. If no salary deduction is possible, the leasing installments do not apply. The employer is never subsequently charged. Not even in the event of increased wear and tear or mileage, damage or premature termination or return of the contract. The handling of incidents is solely between AMS and the employee.

Online Calculator

Do you want to know how inexpensive a job car is? In the online calculator, you can determine in just a few steps how high the effective leasing rates and the full costs are after deducting the tax savings (“after tax”).

Free choice of brands and dealers

Tax advantage through deferred compensation

Budget for service, fuel & maintenance

Comprehensive insurance cover

Examples for …. (specify parameters or average specifications) Calculation details

Advantages of a Job-Car

As part of the salary conversion, the employee has a free choice of brand and dealer, i.e. maximum flexibility in the selection of the job car. Due to the tax savings, the job car is on average 35% cheaper than a privately leased vehicle.

The job car is fully insured. Insurance coverage also exists if the job car is used by other persons. If the employee purchases the job car at the end of the contract and sells it on, the additional proceeds are generally tax-free.

Arguments for the employer

Monthly cancelable contract

No material and price risk

No vehicle owner liability

Lease installment only if salary/salary claim is made

No additional charge in case of damage

No accounting requirement in accordance with IFRS 16

Arguments for the employee

Free choice of brands and dealers

Tax savings through salary conversion

Use by third parties permitted

All-round insurance cover

Budget for service, fuel & maintenance

Acquisition possible at the end of the lease

Save taxes with the Job-Car

Motivational leasing facilitates the mobility transition because the job car is tax-subsidized and the switch to new drive technologies is thus made easier. Even if it is used exclusively for private purposes, the same tax rules apply to the job car as to any other company car. So it’s no wonder that many employees are interested in a job car. Often in addition to the cob bike or job phone. Those who use a job car with new drive technology are protecting the environment and contributing to climate neutrality. This is also in the interest of the employer.


Promoting mobility change with the Job-Car

When a company offers its employees motivational leasing for a job car with new drive technology, this is a contribution to environmental protection and the promotion of a new mobility culture. But the job car is also a sign of appreciation. Especially when the company contributes to the cost of the job car with its own subsidy. That’s why the Job Car is also a tool for employee retention. With the Job Car, the company strengthens its “employer brand. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, this is not an unimportant argument.


All-round protection with the Job-Car

The willingness of legislators to provide tax incentives for motivational leasing for the transfer of (electric) bicycles should not obscure the risks under civil law and the administrative burden. The AMS concept solves these problems. As soon as the employee’s employment relationship or entitlement to remuneration ends, the employer is exempt from all costs. At the same time, the employee does not have to give up his job bike. He can continue to ride the company bike at low cost. Purchase or return are also possible in principle. If the employee accepts the purchase offer from AMS, the price advantage over the current value is taxed at a flat rate in accordance with § 37b EStG.

FAQ about Job-Car
What contract solutions does AMS offer?

For the job car, AMS offers standard leasing and two-contract leasing. In standard leasing, the employer leaves the job car with the employee. In the two-contract leasing, AMS leaves the job car with the employee. Therefore, in two-contract leasing, the transfer agreement between the employer and the employee can be omitted. Depending on the agreement, the final settlement at the end of the contract can be made in both cases on the basis of the mileage or on the basis of the sales proceeds.

How is the Job-Car treated for tax purposes?

The provision of a job car to an employee can be determined in the same way as for any other company car or company car in accordance with Section 8 (2), sentences 2 to 5 EStG using the flat-rate method (“1% rule”) or individually using the logbook method. This is also the case if the job car is only used by the employee and his/her dependents for private purposes. The basis for calculating the 1% rule is always the gross list price of the vehicle including factory special equipment. If the job car is eligible for subsidies, the calculation basis can be reduced to 50% or even 25%.

How are the leasing rates calculated?

The calculation basis for the leasing installments is the actual purchase price – after deduction of the agreed purchase discount or the agreed wholesale conditions. The higher the purchase discount, the lower the leasing rate and thus the salary conversion. The lower the contractual residual value, the higher the leasing rate. The purchase discount or rebate does not reduce the non-monetary remuneration value of private use or the non-cash benefit for income tax purposes. The basis for calculating the non-cash benefit value is – depending on the eligibility of the vehicle, but irrespective of the actual purchase price – either the full, half or quarter of the list price.

Does AMS also finance the dealer accessories?

AMS not only finances the purchase price incl. the factory special equipment with which the job car is ordered, but also the permanently installed accessories that the dealer has offered for the job car. However, we reserve the right to refuse to finance accessory requests that we deem inappropriate in individual cases. The accessories do not increase the non-monetary remuneration value of the job car for wage tax purposes.

How is a total damage or total loss covered?

With the insurance coverage of AMS, the risk of undercoverage is excluded in the event of a total loss or total loss from the beginning of the contract. The prerequisite is that there is a claim for benefits against the insurer in the event of a loss. The use of the job car by third parties is also insured and does not reduce the claim for benefits.

Can I buy the Job-Car at the end of the lease?

AMS is generally interested in selling the job car to the employee at the end of the leasing period. However, this is only possible if a reduced residual value has been calculated. In the event of sale, the price advantage over the current value is taxed by AMS at a flat rate in accordance with § 37 b EStG. AMS is not obligated and may not commit to a sale in advance in accordance with the leasing decree. If the employee is no longer interested in purchasing the vehicle at the end of the contract, it is sold to a third party. The purchase price or additional proceeds will be taken into account in the final settlement.

What is the return procedure if I do not buy?

At the end of the contract, you will only receive a purchase offer if you have indicated your interest when concluding the contract. Otherwise, the job car must be returned to AMS. The return takes place at a nearby inspection station of an expert organization (e.g. DEKRA). The mileage and the condition of the vehicle will be recorded. Normal signs of use are not taken into account. Any additional damage and additional kilometers are offset against the reserve, which is included in the leasing rates. The reserve can be used to significantly reduce the risk of additional charges. You can find the vehicle valuation guideline HERE.

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