On this page you can upload workshop invoices (“cash receipts”) and other documents. The workshop costs incurred will only be reimbursed if proof of payment is attached.

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In this portal, you can submit your workshop invoices and other documents and applications to the AMS, which you usually do not need to do in person. In most cases, you do not need to send the documents by post. With a few exceptions, it can also be done electronically. You can do this using the form below.

Form cash receipts and documents

You can use the following form to upload your workshop invoices incl. proof of payment as well as other documents required during the contract period.

    Sie können bei gleichzeitigem Drücken der STRG-Taste mehrere Einzeldokumente hochladen.
    Erlaubte Formate: PDF, PNG, JPEG.
    Maximale Dateigröße: 10 MB


    1. the submitted receipt must meet the requirements of a proper commercial invoice. 2.

    2. for amounts exceeding € 250, AMS must be shown as the invoice recipient and the exact amount of VAT. 3.

    3. receipts made out to the user or contractual partner or a third party will not be processed.


    * Essentially, your personal data will be processed upon receipt and stored for six months, unless you consent to a longer storage period of up to two years. The legal basis for this processing of personal data is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b) DSGVO